Intimately Social 4.09

Installation originally built in 2009


”This is exactly what it feels like getting dressed in the morning”. 

This sentence has been pronounced in various ways by women being confronted with the huge, organic pink balloon body in exhibition halls around Europe.  

The piece wants to playfully but loudly address how many women perceive their bodies completely different from how others see them, and the feeling of not being able to control your body.

Intimately Social 4.09 is being re-built by Minna Palmqvist herself every time it is being displayed. So far this body of work has been exhibited in Stockholm Sweden (2009), Leipzig Germany (2011), Torun Poland (2013), Rotterdam The Netherlands (2014/15), Espoo Finland (2017) and Västerås Sweden (2018).


The concept Intimately Social (Minna Palmqvist 2007-2015), has its starting point in the clashes between the intimate, physical body and the socially accepted, praised body ideal. Clahes between the reality, what we wish for and expectations from others



Photos of original installation
Anna Rönnqvist