Group exhibition at Kalmar Konstmuseum, June-Sept 2018


In exhibition Transfashional, curated by internationlly renowned curator Dobrila Denegri, Minna Palmqvist’s sculpture No Body ”Never Ending” was exhibited alongside works from Hussein Chalayan, Maja Gunn and Lara Torres, to just mention a few.

Transfashional is an educational and exhibitive project conceived on the initiative of Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw and University of Applied Arts in Vienna, grounded on already established and successful collaboration released between this institutions in 2015 within the artistic exchange initiative entitled “Hosted Simply”.

Curator Dobrila Denegri says:

”Can art and fashion respond to current social, economic, cultural and environmental urgencies and shape new paradigmatic positions?

Transfashional began as a series of collaborative sessions in 2016 with fashion designer Hussein Chalayan, curators José Teunissen (Arnheim Fashion Biennial), Susanne Neuburger (MUMOK - Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien), Barbara Putz-Plecko and Beatrice Jaschke (Die Angewandte) as well as emerging artists and designers whose practice is situated in between fashion and art.


This project encouraged collaborative and experimental work which resulted in new productions and transcended boundaries between disciplines.

As this emerging generation of artists and designers reflect on the world around them, they highlight the need for a profound revision of the processes of production and social relations which derive from them. They turn away from the fashion industry and it’s super-accelerated rhythms of production. Their quest for alternatives drives and inspires new productions - not of goods but of ideas. Indeed, more than wearable and functional, many of these works are critical, engaged and conceptual, and can be seen as symbols and symptoms of the present zeitgeist.”


Michelangelo Miskulin / Kalmar Konstmuseum